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Current Issues

AJIS 2022

1. Understanding the Economic Needs of Baling Residents
Abdi O. Shuriye, Ph.D and Sharinaz Ismail.

2. The Immpect of Rassia-Ukraine War on the World Political and Econiomical Stability
Abdi Omar Shuriye, PhD.

AJIS 2021

1. Efficiency of Spatial Distribution of Health Services
Rawa Hassan Abdelkarim Naser Hassan S. Himli, PhD.

2. Golden Africa
Abdi O. Shuriye Ph.D.

3. Islam and Natural Resources in Africa
Abdi O. Shuriye Ph.D.

AJIS 2020

1. Recruitment of Quality International Students for the Malaysian
Abdi O. Shuriye Ph.D.

2. The Role of Counselors in Supporting Clients Cope with Covid-19
Salmi Ahmad Sudan Ph.D.

3. Somalia: The Establishment of the State and the Civil war
Ibrahim Abdi Shukur.

4. Trade and Investment Between Malaysia Africa
Abdi O. Shuriye Ph.D.

5. الصومال: مسيرة البحث عن الدولة وسط صراع سياسي معقد
Dr. Mohamoud Yousuf Muse

AJIS 2019

1. A Digital Survey of Development in the Muslim World as in 2019
Zubair Zafar Khan Ph.D.

2. The Nature of Counselling with Reference to Malaysian Schools
Salmi Ahmad Sudan Ph.D.

3. The Major Issues Of Incoming Presidential Election In The Republic Of Somaliland
Salmi Ahmad Sudan Ph.D.

4. Ahamiyyat Assiyasah fi Muraja'at al-Muwaazanah al-Aamah
Ash-Sheikh Saud bin Nasir & Abdi O. Shuriye Ph.D.

5. Annamuzaj Al-mithali li Tatbiq Assiyasah..
Ash-Sheikh Saud bin Nasir & Abdi O. Shuriye Ph.D.

AJIS 2018

1. Kuwaiti Government Initiatives And Efforts Towards Nationalizing Labor Market
Muna H. Saeid and Abdi O. Shuriye

2. The Impect of Different History Curricula On Somali Students
Mohamamud Yousuf Muse and Abdi O. Shuriye

3. The Major Issues Of Incoming Presidential Election In The Republic Of Somaliland
Mohamamud Yousuf Muse and Abdi O. Shuriye

AJIS 2017

1. The legal evidence in the fundamentalist system
Mustafa bin Mat Jubri @ Shamsuddin

2. The role of Libya - the state of transit - in protecting the rights of refugees and illegal immigrants (in Arabic)
Kamil Mamoud Ahmed and A.O.Shuriye

3. Mohammed Rashid Rida's vision of political phenomena in the Arab world
Prof. Dr. Abdi O. Shuriye

4. A historical and political overview of Yemen
Mohamed Nowimi El-Hajiri

5. Negotiation theory
Ali Ghanim El-Hajiri

AJIS 2016

1. Al-Arab wattajribah addimuquraadiyyah
Sa'ad Al-Asusi

2. Attajriban addimuquraadiyyah
Sa'ad Al-Asusi

3. Al-Wasaatah fil Ilaaqaat adduwalyyah
Essa bin Hamad

4. Al Wasaatah al-Insaaniyyah
Essa bin Hamad

AJIS 2015

1. Nafidah ala al-manahij al-adabiyyah al-malayawiyyah
Rahmah Bint Ahmad

2. Contributions Of The Islamic Worldview Towards Corporate Governance,
Mohamed Asri andMohamed Fahmi

3. Shi'r al-Wataniyyah i'nda al-Rusafi wa az-Zakawi
Rahmah Bint Ahmad

AJIS 2014

1. Towards Effective Understanding of the Concept of Zuhd
Dr. F.O. Jamiu

2. Science and Astronomy: Intellectual Refelection of Al-Bituni
Sayyed Mohamed Muhsin

AJIS 2013

1. A Critical Study and Analysis of the Manufacture Contract "Aqd al-Istisna'" for Islamic Banking and Finance
Dr. Abdalla al-Shami
The Petroleum Institute of Abu Dhabi, UAE

2. The Impacts of Neo-Colonialism on the Muslim Population in Nigeria
Dr. Kamal-deen Olawale SULAIMAN
Department of Religious Studies
Ekiti State University, Ado-Ekiti, Nigeria

3. The Islamic Concept of Mass Communication
Dr.Saqib Riaz and Shahid Hussain
Dept. of Mass Communication
Allama Iqbal Open University,Islamabad, Pakistan

4. Localization of Garrisons in Tabaristan during Early Islamic Era
Abed Taghavi, Ass. Prof. Department of Archaeology, University of Mazandaran, Saman Farzin, Dep. of Archaeology, University of Mazandaran and Haadi Sharifan, Dep. of Archaeology, University of Tehran

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